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So you finally decided to clean the old cupboard in your bedroom and stumbled upon a stack of books. You scan through the covers and discover your old 10th-grade textbooks, a few good novels that you loved reading when you were growing up and even a few travel guides you bought for that South America trip you were planning. All these books bring up a lot of memories, but deep inside, you know that its time to move on. Which leads you to wonder, what am I going to do with all these books? It’s officially time to donate old books!

Donate old books in pune

Throwing them away is an absolute crime. However, luckily for you, at SevaDeep, we have a long list of NGOs that could absolutely benefit from the donation of your old books and magazines. Their local libraries and school libraries are thirsty for new material that could enlighten young minds and help their reading programs. 

Today, we would like to introduce you to two NGOs that will highly appreciate your donation of old books!

Aapal Gaav Foundation

In addition to supporting local tribals, the NGO is actively engaged in promoting early-age education, providing innovative solutions to the water crisis in the Satara region and playing an active role in tree plantation activities. 

The foundation is currently in need of books for the local village library, that is frequented by all age groups. 

You can donate to Aapal Gaav Foundation by clicking here

Friends Academy Foundation

The foundation is located in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra but operates in three different states- Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. The main activity of the foundation is to promote education amongst young children and teens who belong to tribal areas and orphanages. 

The foundation carries out social awareness events often, to educate the public about the importance of blood donation, women hygiene and safe garbage disposal. The foundation has about 14,000 volunteers today. 

They require books that are suitable for young children. These could be both novels or educational. 

You can donate to the Friends Academy Foundation by clicking here

At SevaDeep, we made it easier than ever to donate old books! we will be happy to facilitate your donation by arranging the pickup and safe transportation to the foundation’s offices. All you need to do is click the relevant links and fill the details. We will take care of the rest.  

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