How to Donate Your Used Items and Help Someone in Need at the Same Time?

Not many things in life give us happiness and satisfaction as much as being part of a worthy cause that positively impacts the world and as it happens, India is home to a number of similar inspirational organisations attempting to make life better for the needy.

Joining hands with such organisations is not just a great way to give back to society, but also provides opportunities for personal growth and learning, the likes of which we would never find in our day to day lives.

But what we don’t realise is that many NGO’s today still fall short of basic Items like grains, furniture, clothes etc. as single-handedly it is very difficult for them to cover all the needs of their people.

When Deepak Nathani, the Founder & CEO of Relfor Labs and Co-founder & former COO of Cybage Software, realised this issue during his CSR activities, he came up with a simple solution. He knew that if he could connect all possible donors directly with the NGO’s around them, it would increase the number of helping hands and reduce the burden on the NGO’s, thus fulfilling their minutest needs.
This lead to the foundation of Sevadeep.

Sevadeep is a simple, easy, convenient and time-saving platform connecting nonprofits with donors pan India.

Donate to a charity

There happen to be several organisations all over the world that work, not to make a profit, but to change things for the better. We’ve partnered with 250 nonprofits pan India who work on the ground and post the items that their communities really need. We help registered nonprofits from Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat And Hyderabad access the support they need to be more effective and make our world a better place.

If there’s a cause that’s close to your heart, you can be sure that there’s a great organisation here that feels the same way and is working towards achieving the same goal you have in mind. Even if you don’t have your heart set on a particular one but still want to lend a helping hand, we have a list of NGOs in India you can donate to, to help further the great work that they’re doing.

Unlike many other crowdfunding platforms, our mission is to help nonprofits and donors create an impact, not profit. SevaDeep does not accept cash, only physical goods.

On this platform, you can donate used or new items such as furniture, appliances or clothes etc. to an NGO of your choice. We make it safe, easy, and fun for anyone to give to vetted nonprofits around India. Any registered nonprofit, anywhere in India can join Sevadeep to connect with donors nearby.

Sevadeep helps you become a ray of hope and join hands with millions of donors like you who aim to make this world a better place.

Because of our thorough vetting process and broad network, we make it possible for donors to target gifts to genuine local nonprofits throughout India that may sometimes be too small for traditional donation processes.

We’ve made the process simpler for you by giving you the resources to understand what you should or can donate and a list of where to donate specific items. Once you make a donation, we keep a track of the entire cycle from pickup to delivery and update you constantly.

Sevadeep will help you find a charity in your community and can also schedule a free pickup of the items you wish to donate. Your household items can go to charities like Goonj (Mumbai, Hyderabad & Chennai) Donate Aid Society (Pune) Smile Foundation (Delhi) and many more charities near you.

If you are still wondering how to donate your used items and help someone in need at the same time, Sevadeep is the place to find the charity near you waiting for your help.

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