Items You Can Donate After Remodelling your Kitchen

Remodelling or upgrading the kitchen is something many of us do every few years. It’s an awesome feeling as it may have taken you weeks or even months of designing and planning the new model. When your kitchen is finally ready, what do you do with all your old stuff? 

On one side you have a beautiful new kitchen and on the other, you see a lot of old but good and usable items. Well, you can add some more joy and satisfaction to your heart by donating the old items to the ones in need through Sevadeep and justify their use.

Items You Can Donate After Remodelling your Kitchen

Here are some household items you can donate to nearby NGO’s from your old kitchen.

Cookware & Utensils

When you upgrade your kitchen, it’s not unusual to get all new cookware. All your pots, pans, glassware, and other items may have just lost their shine or look old cause of scratches. Maybe it was just a different colour before, but your new kitchen has a different theme now. You probably would want your things to match your new theme. Instead of throwing out your old cookware, you can donate and help out a community in need.

Crockery & Cutlery

If you bought new china or dinner sets to go with your brand new kitchen, your old crockery would make a perfect donation. You can donate your plates, silverware, glasses, mugs, cups, serving plates, spatulas and trays. You would be pleased to know that your old plates and spoons can help many eat more comfortably.


Furniture makes great household donations for non-profit organizations. If you replaced any movable cabinets, drawers, wall mounted shelves, stools from your old kitchen or dining area or any other type of end table or stand, then your old ones can be donated to help the kitchen of a nearby NGO.

You could check the different furniture requirements of the NGO’s around you through Sevadeep and schedule a pick up of the items you wish to donate. This way you need not worry about figuring out how to donate items that may be bigger or heavier in nature.


Many charity organizations also take appliances. They usually need a lot of smaller appliances like microwaves, coffee makers, electric griddles, blenders, and toasters. As long as they are still in usable condition or can be repaired easily, you can donate them.

If you have recently upgraded your refrigerator, your old one may be a boon to someone who has no way to store perishables in his home or community. Someone near you probably desperately needs one of these kitchen appliances and would be more than happy to receive your old one.

Storage Containers

Before you changed your old cabinets, you probably replaced all your old Tupperware and storage containers with new ones. After the renovation, you probably realized you have more than you need or use. Even though containers may seem less important when we have them all around, but they are an important aspect of the kitchen.

They help conserve, organise, store and protect a lot of stuff from going bad or being attacked by pests or rodents. We all probably remember how it feels when we are without a Tupperware container or even a storage jar to put the leftovers in. You can imagine how much it would be appreciated by a family receiving that kind of donation.

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