Barriers to education that children living in poverty face

The issues and what you can do to help

Life for school-aged children in underprivileged regions around the country is tough. Increasing access to education, especially primary education, can have a significant impact on the drop out of school rates at a later age. In developing countries, there may be numerous barriers to learning that children living in poverty face. Primary education that is compulsory till the 12th standard in most countries in the west has become a privilege to more than a million children in India. Today, we are going to look at numerous barriers to education that children living in poverty face.

In some regions, children are forced to leave school and get involved in illegal activity or child marriage. This translates to a wave of young people who lack even the most basic reading skills, further limiting their chances of creating a life for themselves and their families.

Another barrier to quality education in developing nations is the lack of learning materials and faculty. A child cannot learn without the right environment. Education that begins in the early childhood stages can transform a child. Outdated and worn-out textbooks are often shared by six or more students in many parts of the world.

Children with disabilities are often excluded from classroom activities and are denied an education. Although education is a universal human right, being denied access to school is common for the world’s 93 to 150 million children with disabilities. In some of the world’s poorest countries, up to 95% of children with disabilities are out of school.

In most developing nations, gender is one of the biggest reasons why children are denied an education. In recent times, the government has taken significant steps to promote girls education. However, there is an entire generation of women left behind. Today, there are over 130 million women around the world who lack formal education and who could not attend school in their childhood.

Barriers to education children living in poverty face

At SevaDeep, we work with hundreds of NGOs and Foundations dedicated to promoting education amongst the underprivileged. Together, we can help thousands of children who face barriers that keep them away from a quality education.

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