Six Types Of Charities That Could Use Your Help

Have things to donate? Here are six types of charities that could use your help.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of Nonprofit Organizations and Charitable Organizations around us today. From Health Charities to Educational Institutions and Animal Welfare Programs, there is charitable activity all around us.
Today, we bring to you six types of charities that could use your help.

Education Charities

Education charities serve students from every age group in underprivileged geographies, from pre-school to graduate school and beyond. Some serve as educational institutions focusing on making education more accessible and effective.

Health Charities

Health charities cover everything from supporting and treating the sick and disabled, working on cures for diseases, medical research and promoting public awareness of specific health risks.

Women Empowerment NGOs

These organisations support the development and wellbeing of women across the nation. Most of these organisations also provide vocational training to women and support them in gaining employment.

International NGOs

International NGOs are charities that are headquartered in one country but work in other countries. They usually operate as private foundations and focus on the development of backward nations, disaster relief, humanitarian aid and human rights.

Environmental Foundations

Environmental Charities focus on promoting the preservation, appreciation, and sustainable development of the environment. The two primary subgroups for this type of charities are:

● Environmental Conservation & Protection

● Ecological Parks and National Reserves

Animal Foundations

These types of groups focus on supporting injured animals in the city or providing them with a safe shelter and food.
These charities often run adoption camps where one can bring a new pet home.

six types of charities

The SevaDeep platform has hundreds of NGOs from these six types of charities that you can support listed on it. You can view their specific requirements by clicking here and schedule a pick up of the items you wish to donate to them.

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