Donate Clothes, even during COVID Lockdown

The rains are coming and with the COVID-19 lockdown shaping up to be a part of our lives, the need for clothes amongst the underprivileged has grown to a new level.
The number of people who could use your help is high, and today, we would like to highlight how you can support them.

Start by taking a good look at your closet. During this period, you must have gathered a big pile of clothes that you no longer need. Put aside the clothing items that are too small, too tight or you just grew tired of. Remember that the idea is to make people happy and provide them with items that bring them use!

If possible, wash the clothes you’d like to give away. There is nothing better than wearing a shirt that is fresh and smells nice. The little act of washing your clothes before donation could bring a smile to many faces. Additionally, organisations that accept clothes usually wash them before distributing them. By washing the clothes you are giving away, you can save them a lot of time.

When you give away clothes, try to keep the current season in mind. A large number of
organisations aim to pass your donation on to those in need right away, but in case they have collected enough clothes for the current season, or clothes that are more suitable for a different season, they will happily store your donation until the time it becomes useful.

The SevaDeep platform has hundreds of NGOs that could use your donation! Just click here, select your charity and schedule the pick up of your donation. There are about fifteen different charities who could use the clothes you donate as of today!

Deciding what to do with the clothes you no longer need has never been easier!
The organisations listed on our platform value each and every donation and our transparent process
ensure that each of the items you send reaches its destination.

Throughout this period, we have been working hard at extending a helping hand to those in
need, distributing large quantities of food and clothing items and will continue to do so even during these difficult times. Schedule your donation now on SevaDeep and follow us on Facebook for more news and updates on our work.

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